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Redefining Network Security

We adopt an innovative approach to security. Criminals do not stand still, and neither do we. By engaging sophisticated techniques, academia, and bodies of certification, we ensure that the vulnerability testing and employee training meets or exceeds industry standards. We are a true security company that reviews things from a holistic standpoint, including internal, external, physical, and employee security. Our specialists can assist you in identifying and mitigating risks.

Security Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for web applications, perimeter, and internal infrastructure by a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Policy Writing And Assessment

Existing policies are reviewed or new policies written by a certified ISO 27000 specialist to ensure alignment with best practices.

Phishing Engagements

Unlike other phishing engagements, our simulations provide realistic messages with logging, real-time feedback, and immediate corrective training.

About Uptech Security

There are few security companies that have our level of credentials. There are fewer still that have the ability to understand and address the unique needs of your business and to offer security services with a straight forward and cost-effective approach. We are available on your terms – security projects, consulting services or as your fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Solutions and Strategies

Uptech leverages expertise and resources to mitigate much of the compliance burden away from you, distribute responsibility for compliance to appropriate personnel, and add clarity, education, and business strategies to the process while providing best practice reporting to avoid breach incidents.

Some of Our Services

To excel in the cybersecurity field requires more than technical accumen, it requires an alignment with both business and information technology. Our services are designed with business in mind and allow us to provide technical details in a manner that businesses understand.

Network And Infrastructure Security

We assess, investigate and report on the overall security health of your infrastructure using customized assessments. We employ black box, grey box, or white box techniques to determine your entire security position and potential vulnerabilities. Reports from this assessment include both executive and technical summaries as well as mitigation strategies to help ensure the security of your organization.  View A Sample, Redacted Executive Summary.

Policy And Documentation

Our policy experts hold deep certification and knowledge into ISO 27000 standards and have both the technical and business acumen to determine and implement your company’s standards and procedures necessary for the operation and guidelines that are required as your company grows. We can review and enhance your current policy or create a customized policy for your organization. Once the policy is created, we review and train your staff on the most critical aspects.  View A Sample, Redacted Policy Section.

Security Awareness Training

The weakest link in any security chain is the front-line employee.  Employees that are unaware or negligent of the vulnerabilities facing organizations are often times the reason for security breaches.  We offer a simple, straightforward approach to train your team.  With over 25 years in IT and 15 years in cyber security, our instructor will create and deliver customized, cost-effective training for your organization.

Phishing Engagements

You have a policy in place and have performed all of the security awareness training for your organization, but are you absolutely sure that the employee has retained information and is helping secure your organization?  Our specialized, targeted phishing engagement ensures that employees are prepared for threats and provides real time feedback, both to management and the employee.  Contact us for more information.


Our Approach to Security

Security is not just a report, it is a state of mind that requires constant awareness of new threats, attention to detail, and the ability to summarize in easily understood terms.

For security to work within business organizations, a holistic approach must be taken so that stakeholders can readily understand respective business needs.



Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

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